An Interview With Gideon Yakubu(G-King) pdf

“The thing is having creatives around you helps you to be more creative. . . . If you’re working with another creative, give that creative room to bring their own ideas.” _Gideon Yakubu(G-King).

From the PPS Library team: This is another edition of the interview sessions v on the PPS WhatsApp platform. This edition was held on 5th May, 2020. In this edition, Gideon Yakubu(popularly known as G-King) was interviewed. He is a techpreneur, a poet, a rapper, and the founder of PPS.

He shared his views on poetry and other forms of art he is involved in, and the story behind his latest album, WILD(Words Illuminating Life and Death) with the PPS community in an interview session with Eno-Obong Edem(aka Shiphrah), a member of PPS administration. Every detail in here are the thoughts of the persons mentioned in the documents.

There are just a few alterations made, especially in the transcripts. Every other alterations are minor changes done to improve the comprehensibility of the text. However, the POVs of the discussants were not altered in any way.

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