An Interview With Rudolph Adidi(The Red Cap Poet/TRCP)

From the PPS Library team: In working towards attainment of the goals and vision of the organisation, we have put together this document, which we believe will be of great help to our members and the entire creative community.

This document is a compilation of the interview session which held on the PPS WhatsApp group chat on the 4th May, 2020. Every detail contained here is what was discussed on the platform where the interview session took place. Some little corrections were made–typos were edited, some contractions were made, and some characters were left out that you’d find on the platform(like emojis:˖).

Words for consideration were distinguished from other sentences in certain paragraphs by italicising and using the bold effect. We hope you find this document, as engaging as it was during the session, and most importantly, enlightening. All for the sake of art! Enjoy reading and learning!

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