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BURNING SAND by Ziza FomThis is a Song inspired by the Omnipotent as the songwriter was pondering on our constant struggle from womb to tomb thus realizing that though we came alone, we are surely not alone. Another pivotal idea from this song is found in the topical line: 

“We’re band of pilgrims to the LandThrough this Lonesome desert Burning sand”Each of us has a peculiar mission but should have the courage to assist someone when the need-be-arise, however not depending on others for support, but if those other persons rendered to help, we should offer them the luxury to help.

For instance, Christ’s mission was to bear the Cross and die for us, but Simon of Cyrene had to “lend a helping hand “. 

To sum up,On the one hand, fellowship is a group affair – let’s work in unity. While on the otherhand, Service God is an individual affair. 

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