MayWeather 2.0 with Jigs Gatis

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Mayweather is an annual spoken words poetry event that started on the 08th of May 2021, this was birthed out of the desire to make the art have a better presentation than what it currently is, so for us therefore the watchword is standard and excellence.

The event is aimed at giving a world standard presentation of poetry. This is the second year and we intend to take it a step further than the maiden event. We also intend to spark some poetic conversations on stage which are most times overlooked, ignored or undermined. theme tagged : ‘THE OTHER ROOM CONVERSATIONS’ Mayweather ‘22 has a central theme: ‘THE OTHER ROOM CONVERSATIONS’ with  sub themes ranging from: Man-God conversations, monologues, depression, anxiety,  lamentation, identity crises, sex and other things that happen when people are in their bedrooms/closets, bringing these issues to bare through spoken word and music.

The idea is to spark conversations of things that happen to and with people in their closets and to speak light and hope to them. 

Ticket regular 1,000 naira only

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